We Live Here

This is Lavender and Weeds.

It is the space that I have created for myself to come and marvel at all of the beauty and love that I have in my life. I am lucky to have the little family that I have pieced together, I am lucky to have their support in all of my projects and obsessions, and I am lucky to be able to share my little container garden (after years of brown-thumbing it and killing countless, innocent plants, may they rest in peace)

This is part of my little crew, my best friends, and the loves of my life:


It’s not the greatest picture of them, taken in haste on my IPhone while holding treats up to keep them all in one place, but there they all are. Katniss the cat, Mr. Jackson the Pomsky, and Casey the Chimo. All rescues, all perfect in their fluffy little flaws. More about them later.

The thing about life is that it’s never quite what you’d expect, for example: I never thought that I would essentially turn into a sort of Martha Stewart, cat-lady hybrid, but here I am, clipping coupons for cat food and dog food, listening to the dryer running so that I can pull the laundry out before it gets too wrinkled, and discussing gardening and possibly composting with my boyfriend over chicken gumbo at the kitchen table.

Sometimes, the weeds that sprout up between the flowers are just as beautiful. Sometimes, even if you’re not a cat person, a kitten can follow you home and steal a piece of your heart. And, most of the time, life is what happens when you’re least expecting it. More about that later, too. 😉


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