Gardening Woes

As I’ve mentioned before, growing things is new to me. It used to be that people would give me plants that were indestructible, but, despite my best efforts, I would destruct them anyway. 

I am great with rose bushes, though. I brought my mom’s rose bushes back to life a couple years ago by pruning them back in fall. And loving on them a little bit before they bloomed. I think my biggest problem is that I try to love on plants too much, instead of just giving them time to grow. 

Right now, I have lavender and rosemary growing in my backyard. I’m learning that the lavender doesn’t need as much attention as I’m giving it, but at least I have recognized the problem. 

We have wild strawberries growing in our backyard, so I did some research and wanted to try growing them in a pot. The problem: my little dogs. 

Lesson learned, I suppose. I’ll try again, and maybe keep it out of reach next time. 


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