Mother’s Day Brownies

My boyfriend and I had a little Mother’s Day get together at our house yesterday. We managed to pull it off pretty well and were so lucky to have so many people make it. Both of our moms and dads, my little brother, and my oldest brother and his family were all able to make it. 

Mostly we served finger foods, which got me out of a lot of cooking and dishes, but everything was great and we had more than enough food. 

Unfortunately, when I started making brownies, I realized that we had no vegetable oil. I panicked, but, upon further research on good ol’ google, I found several websites that said I could substitute coconut oil at a 1:1 ratio. It was worth a try! 

The brownies actually came out pretty good, so, as long as you can appreciate a hint of coconut in your brownies, I would recommend trying it!

I will say that I might try resucing the ratio a bit in the future. I love gooey brownies, but even these were a little too gooey for me. 

All in all, though, everything turned out great, and I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!


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