On the Road

I travel for my job. It’s been a while, and our region is fairly small, so it’s not too far, but whenever I do have to stay out in hotels, I get so bored. 

Generally, I just numb my mind with whatever is on t.v. in the vacant hours of my day, but not this time. I packed a plastic tote with string, beads, jewelry odds and ends, and some embroidery I want to work on. 

I’ll be on the road for four days, and that usually seems like such a waste, but maybe I’ll actually get something accomplished this time. 



Sometimes, it’s hard to motivate yourself to learn new things. Especially when it’s something that, on the surface, seems silly. That’s something that I’m dealing with right now. 

You know that feeling you get sometimes that you missed something that somehow everyone else knows? It’s that feeling that you’re behind, losing the race. I get that feeling all of the time, but I’m fighting that voice in my head that tells me I can’t do it. 

I fight that voice while I’m sitting in my garage at night struggling to learn different knots and stitches on a child’s level. But knowing those basic things are building blocks. Not only can I take those things and add them to something else I already know to make them better, but it’s also helping me figure out what I like doing in a way that I haven’t really done before. 

What I’m saying is that, yes, an old dog can learn new tricks. And everything is worth trying. Don’t let your insecurities stop you from trying. 

Getting it Together 

I don’t know about you, but I feel like a lot of my life comes in waves. Organization, motivation, my ability to hold it all together. I have been trying to deal with a lot of that lately. 

I started this blog because a wave of things I love hit me all at once. While I was injured from a car accident, I had to take some time off of work and everyone’s advice was the same: you need to take care of yourself so that you can heal. 

Healing can mean a multitude of things, and, aside from the physical injuries, I was also dealing with some emotional injuries and scarring as well, some very old and some new symptoms of this new situation I found myself in that was full of self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and so much frustration. 

Luckily, my boyfriend, his family, and my family were the ultimate support system for me. They made sure that I had rides in the months that I was without a car, they helped me navigate the nightmare of insurance and lawyers and injuries, and they constantly reassured me and made sure that I had what I needed. 

During this time, my boyfriend and I started getting creative together as an outlet for my frustrations. Crafting is something we both enjoy, but it’s something that we come at from different angles. We were able to work on our own projects and also bounce ideas off of each other. We tried some new things. We showed each other some of the things that we already knew. And we had so much fun. 

Now that I’m feeling better, I’m trying to get everything put back together, which is a little difficult now that I’m back at work and so busy. But check out the lavender and weeds Instagram and Facebook where I’ll be posting a few things. And I’ll be updating here as well as I get everything back together. 

Hello Again

I’ve been away for a while. I was in a car accident several months ago and had no idea that things would get far worse and more complicated before they got better. Such is life. 

But I get to be thankful that I am alive and have survived the ordeal. And, in a lot of ways, this has all been a blessing in disguise. 

My boyfriend and I have had a lot of time to rediscover the things that we love. When you can’t move around, you’re forced to sit still. Stillness has helped us create a lot of really cool things that I will share with you soon. 

Right now, I am enjoying the stillness of the dogs finally sleeping, as the fireworks have stopped and they don’t think that we are at war in this neighborhood anymore. 

I hope you had a happy 4th of July! 

Also, check out Facebook for a few updates, and for the lifesaving cure remedy for the anxiety of my little dogs. See you soon!