Use, Reuse

I am not great at traditional recycling by any means, but the thought of being able to avoid waste by reusing something makes me feel good. My old coffee cans are now covered in pretty paper and being used to store things, coffee grounds can be used to make face scrubs, used tea bags are great for cleaning and repelling bugs. I am always looking for ways to give things a second life, which occasionally clutters my life a bit. The amount of old pasta jars I have lying around waiting to be useful again is almost embarrassing. 

We’re headed into fall and my little family is settling back into routines and saying goodbye to summer already, and it’s left me a little overwhelmed. To ease that, I have been trying to find some positivity in my little craft area and in my garden that I will have no idea what to do with when the weather cools down. 

I trimmed Citronella back because he was getting a little droopy, falling over with the weight of himself, and I added some roses from the bushes to add a little color and voila!

Vase number 2:

And I still had some leftovers, so I put them in mason jar shot glasses that I haven’t had the occasion to use and put one in each of the bathrooms. 

I also had an old cork message board lying around that wasn’t particularly pretty, and I thought I could dress it up and maybe shift my mood a little. 



I plan on using it as a dream board to draw on some of the joy that often gets lost in the chaos of everyday monotony. 

These are not major, life changing projects, but changing your outlook can change your life. 


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